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Prime Rib:

Heat oven to 425 degrees, Put Roast in oven and sear for 30 minutes.

Reduce heat to 350 degrees and continue to cook for approximately 1 hour 45 minutes

Interior Temperature should be as follows:

130 degrees   =   Medium Rare

140 degrees   =   Medium

150 degrees   =  Well Done

Pull Roast out and let rest with a dish towel over it for 3-5 minutes. Roast will continue to cook during this time.  Slice and serve immediately.  Refrigerate leftovers.

The Most asked Question: How do I cook that?

Cooked by the wrong method, the most tender cut of meat can become leathery.

There are 6 basic methods for cooking meat, and 2 types of heat....dry (without liquid), used for roasting, broiling, pan broiling and pan frying.....and moist (with steam or liquid), used for braising and water cooking. Our hope is that the general cooking methods listed below will be of assistance to you.


Cuts: Large, tender cuts of meat.

Method: Place meat fat side up on rack in a shallow pan. Do not cover. Do not add water. The old method of searing (browning the surface of the meat by a short application of intense heat) is rarely used. Place in oven at 325-350 degrees until desired doneness. Meat continues to cook after removal from the oven. If the roast is going to set, remove from oven when meat thermometer register 5-10 degrees below desired doneness. Roasts are easier to carve is allowed to set 15-20 minutes after removing from oven.



Cuts: Tender Steaks, Chops (should be at least 3/4" thick)

Method: Place meat on a rack 2 to 5 inches from heat. Broil until brown; turn and broil other side until desired degree of doneness (which can be determined by meat thermometer or by cutting a small slit in the meat and note color).

Pan Broiling

Cuts: Thin cuts (no more than 1" thick) Steaks, Chops, Sliced Ham/Bacon

Method: Use a heavy pan or griddle; do not preheat. For very lean cuts, brush pan with small amount of shortening if desired; otherwise, do not add fat or water. Cook meat slowly, turning occasionally and pouring off fat as it accumulates, until desires doneness. Do not cover.

Pan Frying

Cuts: Thin, tender pieces of meat, cubed meat, gound meat

Method: Add small amount of shortening or oil to pan. Cook thin cuts of meat on both sides over medium heat. Turning occasionally until desired doneness. Cubed meat or Ground Beef  should be stirred occasionally and also heat kept to medium. Do not cover.


Cuts: Less tender cuts of meat & certain tender cuts such as Pork.

Method: Brown meat slowly in heavy pan. Pour off drippings, season and, if necesssary, add a small amount of liquid to tougher cuts. Cover and simmer on top of stove (or place in a 300-325 degree oven). Cook until tender.

Cooking In Liquid

Cuts: Large, less tender cuts & Stew Meat

Method: Brown meat on all sides. Cover meat with liquid as directed and season. Cover and simmer until tender; do not boil.

**We hope that the above will answer some of your questions. However we are always happy to give any suggestions you may request at the time of your purchase.**